Future Perspectives and Advancement


        The Department of Business Administration at National Taipei University is dedicated to cultivating students’ skills, both theoretical and practical. Due to our tradition of excellence in the field of domestic corporate management, our main goal is to surpass domestic competitors and to develop an international vision in this era of globalization. To achieve this goal, the department actively seeks strategies to enhance our reputation and competitiveness. First, we continuously organize a variety of domestic and international seminars and professional forums to discuss the most important issues related to corporate governance in the modern era. In addition, we also actively conduct substantive international exchange programs with well-known foreign universities. Through these close interactions, valuable insights and knowledge can be gleaned from various top-tier universities in order to help us pursue excellence.

        Second, in order to build the department’s competitiveness, we make every effort to provide teachers with resources to assist them in both conducting their research and in publishing their research in academic and professional journals and proceedings. In order to assist our faculty and outstanding foreign scholars to study jointly and to furnish them with a special database and software package, we have actively raised research funds from the business community and alumni. In addition, we continue to encourage professors to maintain their relationship with industry and government, and to participate in the ongoing education of the business community. In particular, young professors of the new generation are expected to cultivate their ability so they may realize their leadership potential in the future.

        Finally, the department has put a great deal of effort into innovation in business administration education. We not only pay close attention to the latest trends of corporate management education, but we also develop appropriate and related business management programs that lead to a distinctive degree. The curriculum planning integrates the outstanding characteristics of a world-class university and the dynamic and challenging business environment. We provide an outstanding and highly value-adding education that enables students to apply what they have learned in academic courses, research and services to academic field, and professional institutions.

        Once again, we are convinced that the Department of Business Administration at National Taipei University will continue to shine in the education community.