Ph.D. Program

Our doctoral program in Business Administration is designed to train researchers to integrate the analysis of professional enterprise management knowledge and related topics. The program put emphasis on students having a thorough understanding of the theoretical basis and research methods, and students must develop the ability to fully master research methods and scientific philosophy so that they can publish high-quality research papers and be able to teach in elite universities.

The general Ph.D. program is limited to a study period of three years. Each doctoral student must complete 46 credits (including 12 credits of dissertation discussion) and complete a doctoral dissertation before graduation. All courses and necessary doctoral qualifying exams must be completed within three years after admission. At the dissertation stage, students should demonstrate their ability to handle research problems in applied theory, practical knowledge, and analytical methods. It's worth mentioning that students must publish relevant research papers in journals and seminars before they can be awarded a doctorate.


EMBA Program

Our Executive Master of Business Administration program requires eight or more years of professional experience. The program includes 46 credits (including 6 credits of thesis discussion), completion of a master's thesis and publication at a seminar. The required course work includes eight required courses and contemporary management forums. This program allows students to explore topics related to corporate management from a broad perspective. We also offer other management-related elective courses. We expect to help all of our EMBA students enhance their careers, and to develop management expertise for use in their employment.


MEMBA Program

The students enrolled in this program must currently work for voluntary military service. To earn this degree, they must complete thirty-seven credits (including six thesis credits), which includes seven mandatory courses and completion of a master's thesis.

The curriculum is based on academic theory and practical experience. Through the mutual learning of talents and elites from various industries, students can learn from each other and exchange their workplace experience. MMBA students will be able to apply their civilian university-acquired skills and expertise in their military duty assignments, and will enhance their management skills via MMBA program.  This program enables military students to connect with current and future leaders in the private sector.

Master Program

The course of master of business administration are for in-service students and general students, and the in-service students must have at least four years of full-time working experience. Our Master of Business Administration program prepares graduate students for their future professional careers. The program's design focuses on the development of skills, techniques, and analytics required for management in private enterprise. At the same time, students also receive training in research methods and seminars on various management theories. Many graduates choose to continue their Ph.D. studies. 

This master's degree requires 43 credits and the completion of a master's thesis. The required courses include job management, financial management, marketing management, research methods, organization theory and behavior, management information systems and strategic management, and seven electives. Our curriculum provides an opportunity to study in-depth management-related disciplines. More importantly, to get a master's degree students must publish their thesis in a journal or a seminar before they graduate.

Undergraduate Program

 The bachelor degree of Business Administration requires to the completion of 134 credits of university department courses. This program focuses on the basic theories of Production and Operation, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Research and Development, Finance Management, as well as professional knowledge of their related fields. It also prepares students to gain the ability to plan and manage in future company operations. In addition, facing the challenges of today’s dynamic and uncertain business environment, our department also cooperates with the College of Business to encourage students to further study and develop professional skills. Students, based on their interests and expertise, can choose the following programs, including Bachelor of Finance, Certified Public Accountant Professional Development, Bachelor of Science, Electronic Commerce, Bachelor of Science and Technology, Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Capital Markets, Big Data Exploration, English-taught Business Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Event Preparation and Financial Science.