Financial Scholarship

The department has long been committed to developing and maintaining close relationships with the business community, enabling the department to fully receive sponsorship from institutions outside the school. Scholarships available to apply by students in recent years include the Yinghua Precision Science and Technology Scholarship offered by Chairman Jiong Xiong Dong of The Canon Company, the Jing Tsui Scholarship sponsored by Mr. Heng Liu, the director of Jia Tian Share Co., Ltd., and the Elytone Electronics Co., Ltd. Scholarship sponsored by Chairman lu huiqing. Other scholarships include the Maxluck Scholarship sponsored by Ms. Cheng Ling Hui, and the Disadvantaged Student Scholarship and Overseas Student Scholarship offered by Mr. Guo Duan Shin from Leo Burnett. In addition, the Business Management Association also provides as much financial support for students and the Department as possible. In addition, the department’s alumni association also provides students with as much financial support as possible.

The department also provides other scholarships to reward graduate students for improve academic standards by doing research,. We have specific application regulations for graduate scholarships. Some scholarships are provided in the form of research assistantships with professors as instructors in the department, and all graduate students are eligible for this award. We also provide the opportunity to serve as an administrative assistant, depending on the administrative needs of the department. For students who are interested in extra-curricular internship work, the department posts many job descriptions sent by employers who are aware of the quality of our students. Students often obtain valuable information through off-campus internships and job-searching opportunities and practical knowledge.